Friday, 9 March 2012

Only nine more sleeps before The Artisans in the Spring Fair

Spring is upon us if today has anything to go by. A very warm day with a drying wind, a promise of the days to come. We are all busy getting ready for the fair (a few of us having the odd crisis whilst others are up together). Jane where are you............. I am the former! Cards and emails to send, cards & pressies to buy, parties to organise, oh, and then work!
However, weekends are bliss; a time to catch up with life..... & a few jobs that need to be done
Have a lovely week.


  1. I'm here! All sorted in my mind... just the actual packing to be done on Friday! Anything I can help with? Jane x
    ps. Put a link with my blog about the fair onto facebook

  2. Hi Jane, We are looking forward to meeting up on Sunday, catching up & seeing what goodies everyone has to sell.. Are you planning to bring any King Penguins?

  3. Noooo, it's such a shame, not found any new ones! J x